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Designing to spend the holidays in IKARIA what you certainly don’t need is the stress from the city life and.....your watch!
The rhythms of life here in IKARIA are very slow which gives the impression that the locals live in a different word. In a word you don’t have to worry about anything and enjoy every moment of life without thinking the future.

Ikaria is the island for these who seek wild nature and crystal clear beaches.

Same additional places to visit.

During the day the village is silent. An invisible demand wants the local to open their shops after 9 o’clock at night due to the fact that the villagers work to their fields. This custom is preserved on time which makes RACHES the “heart of Ikaria”
Located in the center of Ikaria. The castle of Koskina is called as the castle of Ikaria as well because it was the most important stand of the island. Ten minutes walk from the castle you will see the most important defensive stand since the Byzantine time, where the legend says that it was conquered only once.
A city which is well know for its healing waters
At the archeological museum of the village exposed you will find statues and other relics of the classical Greek times. Relics of OINOIS are spread in the village
Small village located at the southern part of Ikaria where you can enjoy fresh fish.
Small sea side village, located 3Km away from NA with lively night life, traditional taverns (restaurants) and variety of shops where you can enjoy shopping.
Swimming at the fantastic beach, a visit to the archeological area and a walk by the river worth o look-in your attention
Monastery builds underneath two rocks.
Monastery with nuns builds the 13th century with wall paintings and old religious pictures. Located close to Christo Rachon in a magical full of trees area with amazing view. Whoever visits the monastery you have to try the hand made desserts by the nuns.
LIVADI is a big sandy beach with crystal clear water and easily accessible, is one of the places of the island you must pay o visit (the car can reach the beach).
MESSAHTI is a sandy and easily accessible beach as well
SEIHELES small beach with green water and white pebble. Access to the beach can be achieved by a pathway only.
And of course the small beach of NA from the place you will park your car, you will find o footpath which will lead you to the beach.

Except the usual life you can enjoy at the island like coffee, bars, tavern’s and beach bars, IKARIA is well known and for its traditional festivals. These celebrations start from June through out August. The locals offer roasted meat, goat meat and plenty of wine under the sounds of traditional music were everyone dances the famous IKARIOTIKOS dance.

Suggestively on the 6th of August at Christos Rachon one of the biggest festivals of the island is taking place dedicated to the Metamorphosis of our Lord. At the 15th of the same month at Gialiskari beach the center of the celebrations, traditional music is escorted with plenty of fresh fish.

On the 17th of July with the grace of Agia Marina, locals celebrate the IKARIA ELEUTHERIA witch is the anniversary of the islands liberation from the Turks.